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Free poker

Texas hold'em poker PokerStars is hands down the best online poker tournament site on the Internet, with everything from satellites to re-buy tournaments to freezeouts. They also Feature a weekly 0+ no-limit Texas hold'em tournament with a first prize of up to ,000+ (depending on number of players) If you like playing tournaments, PokerStars is the site for you.

Play Poker As I stated before, is one of the few sites that don't require you to download their software. This allows you to get into the game right away. They used to be real bad for losing connection to their site of the game freezing up mid hand, but now they seem to have everything under control. They occasionally have problems with their tournaments but their "real money" and "play money" tables are working perfectly fine with quick connections. doesn't have much of a lobby but that doesn't matter because it is easy to navigate your way around to find a table you like. The graphics at the table are some of the best on the net. You can't chose what your character will look like, but each seat at the table displays a different character so there is some choice. The table graphics are in the top 3 of all online poker rooms. Your cards are easy to see and there is an option to have "Big Cards" on to help those of us who have been looking into a computer screen for too long. Instructions at the table are easy to comprehend and the action buttons are straight forward and to the point. It is easy to see how much money any of your opponents have along with your own stack of chips. The pot size is also clearly visible for you at the bottom of the table screen. It is easy to turn player chats of and on to keep anoying players from bothering you. All in all the game play at is exceptional.

Online poker bonus Ultimatebet is one of the best at attracting new players, and new players equal money for the skilled poker player. With all the pros endorsing Ultimatebet, and the poker community they are trying to create, new players should be flocking to their site. This means the games shouldn't be all that tight and you should have some success making money (if you're playing well). I personally haven't make a lot of money at Ultimatebet, but I notice a steady influx of new players which is creating more and more action everyday. During peak times, Ulitmatebet has as many as 7000 people logged on and playing at their tables. They usually have at least one "big game" going at all times along with plenty of smaller limit games. They are one of the busiest poker rooms on the net and I feel, with their marketing, they should be number one soon.

The Gaming Club Poker Room is one of the most user friendly poker rooms I have come across in a long time. With the hand automatically shown above the community cards and not hidden away in some corner somewhere, it is easy to see if you have a potential winning hand or not. The Gaming Club Poker Room servers can handle up to 20,000 players at one single time and there is always a great connection to the server. The cards coming out are easy to see and there is the option of having a 4 color deck if the 2 color deck confuses you. You can also play on up to 4 tables at one single time with split windows and up to 3 tables at one time in the software. These 3 tables are easy to move between via the buttons named Table 1, 2 and 3. The call/fold/check buttons are easy to locate and use. Their software is one of the best I have played on and I would therefore recommend it to anyone to play on.

Internet texas holdem is fairly good when it comes to their service. They do most things well but do have a few hitches. has a live hosts to help you if you have an immediate problem. Having a host is a huge bonus when looking for a good online poker site because you can talk to someone who works for the site at any time, 24 hours a day. has a secure deposit system with the standard encryption system so no one can steal your personal information. I don't want to get into all the technical stuff but I guarantee you can be at ease when depositing money at Their cash-out system is comparable with other sites. They offer free cash-outs to any neteller, paypal, or major credit cards. They also offer free cash-outs via regular mail. They'll send you a check for any amount under 00 via regular mail, for free. If you cash-out over 00, they UPS it to you for free and it should arrive in 2 days or less. You also have the choice to ask for a UPS delivery of a check under 00 but it will cost you . also offers hand history so you can see how you're playing, and where your making you're money. They also tell you where each player is from in the world in the lobby of their site. Like many other sites, allows you to see how loose a game is by posting the average pot size at a given table and the percentage of people in on every flop. This is important information when trying to find a soft game.

Play Texas hold'em online When it comes to the games offered at Paradise, no one compares. They have all the major poker games you would want to play. They offer Texas Holdem, Omaha (high and high-lo versions), and 7 Card Stud (high and high-lo versions). They offer all these games at every limit you could want, from 50cent- to -. They also offer these games at short handed tables and the usual ten man tables. They have tournaments going all the time for those of us who like tournaments. They offer these tournaments at all different types of buy-in's and prize pools. If you're not interested in playing for real cash, you have the option of playing all these games and tournaments for free. Paradise is the leader in the amount of games they offer and the variety of options you have when it comes to playing online poker.

top poker has a growing client base. I've seen them grow probably 200% since I started playing there. On any given night they have a few hundred people playing on their site. There are usually plenty of low limit "real money" tables going 24 hours a day. You can usually count on at least one - or - table going most of the day but there is no 24 hour high limit action like on some other sites. I have found that the players at are some of the loosest on the net. This is good if you're a quality poker player because you can take advantage of the poorer players and make some good cash. Most players at are friendly and I've never experienced any problems from other players while playing there. Overall, is a good place to make some real money.

Strip poker The software is fairly quick and reliable although it has a bit of a ?pinball machine? feel to it, including a few annoying sound effects. The lobby is easy to use, with standard design and functions. Another irritating detail is that you cannot eliminate the ?fun money? games from the lobby. The ?private tournament? option, however, is a great feature that allows players to bring their friends or co-workers together for a private online tournament.